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What is Sarufi ?

Learn how to build cool conversational experience using a lightweight, blazingly fast python library, It has a simple and intuitive API plus a rich set of features to make your bot more engaging.

It handles all the heavy lifting of building a conversational bot, including: intent detection, entity recognition, natural language understanding, and intent fulfillment. You don't need to worry about the details like how the bot is trained, how it is deployed, or how it is used in production anymore and you can focus on building your bot.

Getting Started

With the sarufi library you can build a conversational experience in a matter of minutes. To give you an idea on what you can do with sarufi, Have a look at Sarufi playground where we hosted some of the chatbots made with sarufi.

What you'll need

Other Languages

Currently, we support only support Python SDK and Typescript SDK for sarufi. but we are working on supporting other languages as well.

Environment Setup

You can install sarufi directly from the Github repository and also from official releases.

Installing from Github

git clone
cd sarufi-python-sdk
sarufi-python-sdk $ python install

Official installation

npm install sarufi

Here we go

Let's see how to use sarufi

Now that you have installed sarufi, you can start using it.

Go to the next section to see how to use sarufi to build a chatbot.