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Jovine Mutelani

Telegram Webhook vs polling

After building your chatbot with sarufi, you might need to integrate it with other popular messaging platforms. Talking about popular social platforms can not leave telegram aside, as it have a chabbot friendly eco-sytem. So why think about webhooks vs polling? This is a question that will be addressed at the end of the short bike-ride πŸš΅πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ journey were about to start.

With no delays, lets start our short journey.

Telegram chatbot can receive messages from telegram server through majorly two ways, namely polling and web-hook. So your bot will be able to respond to messages delivered to it by either method. Its good to know the differences so that you get rid of misunderstandings.

We shall take a quick look at their comparisons. Sarufi provides blueprints that can be used to perform either.To get the idea of what these terminologies mean, i will be using a simple example. Trust me its really short journey with easy to grasp the concept. Prepare yourself to salivate as i shall be talking about foody example.

Know how polling works​

Imagine you walk 🚢🏾 into restaurant ask for a milkshake. Then a waiter handles you a milkshake right away. The next day you head to the same restaurant to order a milkshake again. This time unfortunately milk is out of stock till when the delivery is made at the store.

You head to your place with a bit frastration πŸ˜”πŸšΆπŸΎ now though expecting to try again after few minutes. After few minutes, you try to check if they already made one. This time you find it available. You head to your place πŸ˜ƒπŸšΆπŸΎ happy now.

Every time you want to know whether your favourite drink is available, you will have to go at the restaurant the ask.

Polling: Pizza illustration

This is a whole idea of polling. I promised to make the journey short so i wont go into long and short polling. Your bot has to check at regular interval whether telegram server received a new message. Here a restaurant act as telegram server while he acts as a bot. So a bot will be checking for messages from server time to time.

Know about Web-hook​

Here is another case, You walk 🚢🏾 into a store asking for whatever favourite drink. Luckily by the time its available.

Next day, you walk in again to take one, unfortunately the drinks are out of stock. Then a waiter asks for your home address(contact info). He promises to deliver a drink in person at your door-step as the drinks get into the restaurant. So you head to your place sad but expecting to get one as soon as the store receives new stock.

After few minutes, delivery truck πŸš› arrives at the store with drinks. A waiter takes a bike to your place with a drink in hand. You happy again to have a drink.

Webhook: Pizza illustration

The idea of webhook is that you just need to tell telegram server the address(public accessed url) that will be receiving new messages as they hit their server.

Here a restaurant acts a telegram server and you being a bot. We have an additional member, who is a delivery guy. The guy in this case is a web-hook url.

Lets make a comparison between two of them​

As we are about to reach the end of our trip, lets dive direct into comparison between them. We shall compare them in terms ofL:-

  • Implementation

In the polling approach, your application periodically sends requests to the Telegram Bot API to retrieve updates. It typically involves making HTTP requests at fixed intervals to check for new messages or events.

Contrary to polling,with web-hooks, you need to configure a callback URL on your server to receive incoming updates from the Telegram server. Your bot will receive a message whenever there is a new message or event

  • Real-time updates

Web-hooks offer real-time updates as they send a request to your server immediately when a new message hits your bot. This reduces delays in receiving updates and responding.

With polling, you will have near-real-time updates. However, the frequency of polling determines the delay in receiving updates. This imposes delays in giving responses to users.

  • Consumption of resources

Web-hooks are generally more resource-friendly compared to polling since the server only sends requests when an update occurs. It reduces unnecessary network traffic and server load.

So polling may not be the most efficient approach for high-volume or resource-constrained environments. A starting point to deploying your chatbot in telegram is knowing the differences between the two.

Now you know their differences. You can weigh-out βš–οΈ to choose one your prefer.

Build a bot πŸβ€‹

As we the distation of the ride, hope you enjoyed the journey. You can build cool bots using sarufi and seamlessly integrate it with Telegram. We provide detailed blueprints to deploy your telegram sarufi chatbot using either of methods above. Detailed blueprint are available; sarufi telegram chatbot and sarufi telegram web-hook chatbot.

My word​

Want to know what i would choose? Connect with me via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Jovine Mutelani

WhatsApp has made everything easy for businesses to expand, reach out and serve many customers as fast as possible. With whatsapp business app and API doing the great job, but i would like one to know the differences between the two. This will help you know how you business can benefit from either.

Whatsapp business app vs API

Difference between WhatsApp Business App and API​

As WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service allowing users to send text messages, voice messages, make voice, video calls, and share media(images, documents, user locations,...), it is widely used.

Its good to point out before starting our journey that whatsapp started with messenger app before the launch of business app. Let distinguish between the two, messenger and business app.

Prepare for the journey​

Messenger app vs business app

Messenger App​

With this app you can have personal conversations between friends and family. Besides sending text messages, you can share pictures , documents, start a video call and much more... . You can also use stickers to spice up your conversations. This is suited for non-business people as it will not provide the user ability to do any automation.

Business App​

WhatsApp Business App is built with focus of small-medium business operation to easy customer communication. The app will help you in growing the business with its rich features such as business profile, product catalog, quick messaging(away messages, greeting messages). This is focused on small to medium businesses.

Business App can do all messenger app can do with added bonus to work in a business manner... WhatsApp business. With WhatsApp business, there are two distinct products namely whatsapp business app(discussed above) and WhatsApp business API. Lets dive into business API.

WhatsApp business App additional features

What is an API?​

Let's do a quick elaboration of what an API is?

An API(Application Programming Interface) is communication mechanism that allows two software/programs to communicate together under set communication protocols.

The use of WhatsApp business API is to enable advanced automation of business operations such as using A.I power chatbots, customer care services, hence likely preferred for large organizations.

Basic working of an API

WhatsApp business API​

WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to automate communications with automated replies, WhatsApp chatbots and interactive messages. In short, WhatsApp Business API helps businesses to create a personalized communication flow that works best for their customers.

Lets start our journey by diging into differences between business app and API.

Business app vs Business API​

Lets see some major diffrences between the two basing on the following criteria

  1. WhatsApp Automation

This is a key part of discussion in this article. Here is where you can understand what is meant when someone says "chatbot integration with Whatsapp". Lets get into it.

On automation side, an app provides few automation techniques such as qiuck replies, greeting messages and away messages. Using API, a business will have ability to do more advanced automations mostly using A.I powered chatbots, connecting whatsapp to CRM, customer care support an much more... The focus though here is discussing on the use of chatbots in whatsapp.

You can build whatsapp-ready chatbots using sarufi. With sarufi, your chatbot will be availble in whatsapp in matter of minutes.

Whatsapp business API gives the business ability integrate with a chatbot. So whenever we speak something of chatbot integration in whatsapp, we will be referring to Business API.

  1. Set up

Using an App, the set up is fast as you just need to download the app >> register your number for whatsapp business >> fill some important information about your business.

Business API, you will need a WhatsApp cloud account or using whatsapp business partners to have your business number verified. The process may take some work days.

  1. Cost

You do not have to pay to use a Business app, just download and ready to put your business into operation. Thats why it is convient for small businesses.

While Business API needs to be paid for to utilize it fully in production. With an API, business can obtain a verification tick. This shows your customers that the account is genuine and safe to interact with, resulting in more engagement.(Though the application process takes time).

  1. Usage and number of devices

With the App, WhatsApp targets small to medium businesses that can manage to handle customers with few automation needs. It allows business operators to chat individually with customers. With it can be used on multiple devices with custom interfaces. It allows upto 5 connected devices to enable businesses to work with a shared business account.

The API, is mainly focused on large organizations that would like to rely more on advanced automation to serve their huge customers.

This is no limit that only large organizations can use the API, even small and medium businesses can apply for API usage in production to leverage the power of Advanced automation such as A.I powered chatbots like those built using sarufi.

An app allows connection of up to 5 devices to a. With an APP, you can make calls where as an API protocol does not allow making calls.

  1. Messaging

WhatsApp business App allows the business to send unlimited messages and of any content any any time. For WhatsApp Business API conversations fall into two categories that are priced differently with all having a 24 hours reply window.

  • User-initiated

    A conversation that initiates in response to a user message. Whenever a business replies to a user within the 24 hour customer service window, that message will be associated with a user-initiated conversation. Businesses can send free-form messages within this 24 hour customer service window. With user initiated conversation, the business can reply without message limits and no content limit(you can use medias here such as images, videos, files,...)

  • Business-initiated

    A conversation that initiates a business initiates by sending a user a message outside a 24 hour customer service window. These messages use message templates which have limited contents that can be used, also templates are to be verified by whatsapp before getting into usage.

Destination words​

As we finish up our short journey on the difference between Business App and API, you must have a clear undersatnding of what is meant about chatbot integration in whatsapp. To get your business a whatsapp integration ready boat, please contact us

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Jovine Mutelani

Developing chatbots should not cause headache πŸ€•. Let you say goodbye to the complexities of natural language processing with sarufi. Sarufi has got your back by introducing interactive interface to get you started with your chatbot idea. It is No code/Low code tool.

With a dashboard in place, you will be able to leverage the full power of your idea. Prior programming experience is not necessary. Your valuable concept πŸ’¬ is the only thing required.

Sarufi development tool simplifies the process as it lets you focus on other tasks while it handles the heavy lifting πŸ‹πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ.

Start using Dashboard​

To get started with this interface, you will need to sign up with sarufi

Sarufi home page

You can login πŸ”“ using either Google or Github account.

After logging in, we can now proceed with creating our new bot. On the dashboard tab, you will find no chatbot so lets and create one.

Dashboard after Logging in

Click Create a New Bot Button, then fill important inforamtion about the bot.

Information about the bot

The checkbox,☐ lets you decide to make your chat-bot publically available at sarufi Community playground for people to test. Sarufi playground is a public community where you can show case what you were able to accomplish with sarufi.

βœ… Lets go into major features of the dashboard

Major Features​

Live Testing​

With the Interface, one is able to test his/her bot on the go without navigating to another web page.

You can eliminate every uncertainty with the live chat test of your bot. You can be sure that the chatbot you are creating will perform as planned.

It is super easy to use this feature. Click a blue chat button at the bottom right corner then you will have a room to test/chat with your chatbot.

Dashboard chatroom

View conversation History​

When you create your chatbot with sarufi, you will be able to view chat history. With chat history data at your view, you can do a lot to improve your customer experience. You can do things like:-

  • Improve your bot to respond properly, be catchy to customers
  • Cover area not intially implemented in your chatbot

βœ… To view conversations simply click at the top bar Conversations.

Dashboard conversation history

Website Plugin​

With your chatbot idea, you do want to put it out there to solve something for your business. Sarufi provides you with a quick way to integrate your bot to a website. You just follow simple steps

With your chatbot created, you can easily integrated it within your website by following simple steps. Navigate to Settings at the top right --> Customize Bot for your website. Place your website Url and make changes on the appearance of the bot as you prefer it to look like. Click save

Below, you will have a snippet for javascript and React. Then copy a code snippet to paste in your HTML page or React/NextJS App.

βœ… You can see one of the bot that has been integrated into web

UDICTI Chatbot integrated into website

Here is the chatbot integration within development environment.

JBot web chatbot integration


Sarufi also supports webhook to conversation data with third-party APIs (payment gateway, CRM, etc) at any point of a conversation.

All you have to do is specify which states should trigger the webhook and set webhook url.

βœ… On your account, Navigate to settings --> Webhook. Enter url and select trigger intents --> Save

Setting webhook


The dashboard lets you add media to your bot. Your bot becomes more customer engaging with media in place. Media can be either of

  • images
  • videos
  • documents
  • stickers

This will also work exactly the same way deployed to messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram or your website chat widget.

Media support(Pizza chatbot: with pizza image)

Type Validation​

With type validations, you will be comfortable to verify user response during conversation. Validations let you guide the user/customer on what they should provide as response.It can be a mobile number, email, or date.

Type validation(Pizza chatbot: With number validator)

View Flows and intents​

During development of your cahtbot, you might be eager to know what intents and state flows are currntly available. This is easy task in the dashboard as it provides you with a quick way to view state flows and intents.

These are found on the left side of the dashboard. Its easy to determine whether an intent is connected to a state or not. Thus making your bot readly avaibale for use without missing customer enquiries.

Intents and State flows

Final word​

The future with sarufi is so bright with more upcoming feature to improve your business operations. Sign up at sarufi to fire up πŸš€ that chatbot idea.

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Jovine Mutelani

Technology has been growing rapidly leading to chatbots becoming crucial tool in customer engagement with businesses. Chatbots have proven to provide quick customer responses about business as they help cut down costs and operate 24/7. With increase in usage of A.I systems, the need of professional/skilled people in the field has grown exponentially.

Intro: Ambassador programme

At Neurotech, we have noticed the demand of skilled individuals on the field so we have sarufi platform for developers. Sarufi is excited to launch Universities Ambassador Programmme to spread knowledge to passionate students at universities. The launch of this programme aims to provide a space for skilled people to share knowledge on Artificial Intelligence(A.I) specially on how chatbots can be used in several fields. This is a good place to network, share resources and develop skills in A.I field.

Joining this programme is going to bring you closer to most opportunities in the field of A.I.

Hands on work​

The best way to know something is by doing. This programme will help get your hands on chatbot development. You will get fully involved in the development of A.I systems. Do you want to get your hands to develop useful chatbots?. We are so happy to have you in our programme.

Benefits: Hands on work

Become an Expert​

The best thing about this programme is that you will be able to become a recognized expert in this field. It is more advantageous when working in the field where you are recognized as an expert.

Benefits: Become a recognized expert

Join community​

Communities around the world have helped people learn more about particular subject. Communities have strong power in learning process, so do not let this opportunity pass. Joining our programme lets you have a chance to be in a community of brightest minds in the field of A.I.

Benefits: Join community of passionate individuals

Build your Portfolio​

A good portfolio will make you stand out in competitive world of job search. You will be easily spotted by employees. Do not hesitate to join this programme.

Benefits: Build portifolia

We are so excited to have you join our programme. You can join by visiting Sarufi ambassador programme.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to turn your passion into a reality and make a difference in the world of AI. Join the Sarufi Ambassador Program now!

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Jovine Mutelani

Conversational AI(Artificial Intelligence) are becoming more useful in most industries be it health, finance, agriculture and many more. Utlizing the power of Natural Language Processing(NLP), conversational systems become more aware on the context of the user. With most platforms supporting Other languages leaving behind some unexplored languages such as swahili, Sarufi from Neurotech picks up the task.

What is Sarufi?​

Sarufi is a Conversational A.I platform built to make Chatbot development and deployment easy and faster. The platform is built by Tanzanian start-up called Neurotech Africa. Sarufi provides delevopers with a quick way to develop Chatbots as it abstracts all complex processes such as intent detection.

Sarufi logo

What is a ChatBot?​

In a growing technology world, you might have already heard or interacted with chatbots as I talked about in above section. Probably, you might have interacted with one while surfing through the internet as most website use them to deliver quick customer service. Let we have a quick grasp of knowledge on what a chatbot is?.

A Chatbot is a computer program that simulates human-like conversation through voice commands or text chats or both. Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) feature that can be embedded in messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messanger. Chatbots are built in a way that can detect what one intends to mean.

With chatbot usage increasing globally, business adopt the technology in order to reduce oprational cost, enhance and improve customer engagement thus improving overall business services oferred. Most customers would like a quick support whenever they visit business platforms for inquiries. This has forced most of business to adopt the use of chatbots.

chatbot image

Sarufi Playground​

Neurotech chatbots Playground​

At Neurotech Chatbots playground, one can experience how chatbot can simplify business operations. Neurotech playground has chatbots covering different businesses such as HealthCare, Food, Mobile Banking and Insurance.

The chatbots under this section are maintained by Neurotech Africa, the mother of Sarufi. After having a looking at how chatbots created using Sarufi will help your business grow, you can contact us via for the service

Sarufi Playground Community​

Sarufi Playground Community

Neurotech Africa along with Sarufi platform has put an open community for developers to share their chatbots. In Sarufi Community, you can see several chatbots that have been developed. Within the playground, you can see how developers use the platform to create bots to be integrated in different areas.

Wrap Up​

As I wrap up, I would like to clear some differences about Conversational A.I and Chatbot. Conversational A.I(Artificial Intelligence) refers to tools/technologies that allow computer to carry out conversational experience with people. As for Cahtbots, they can be Rule Based or A.I based(conversational). A Conversatonal Chatbots leverages the use of machine Learning(ML), Natural Language Processing(NLP) in order to understand the intents unlike Rule Based Chatbots which works as Tree-diagrams such as Automated Phone Menu